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de Mestre Family Tree
Acknowledgements & Contacts


Monsieur Raymond Sigalas, Montastruc, Lot & Garonne

An Account of the de Mestre Family in Australia by Neville John de Mestre, Australia

Prosper de Mestre in Australia by Margaret de Mestre in collaboration with Neville de Mestre, Australia

Marg & Ron Thompson, Australia

Alison Brideson, Australia

Nancy Patterson, Australia 

Shirley O'Donovan, Australia

Monsieur Ronald Orny, France

John Stewart, Australia

Pierre McGraw, USA

Julian Simcocks, England

Walkabout - Nowra, NSW - Internet

I've probably just scratched the surface with my research on the family tree. If you have more information about a branch of the family tree or photos you'd like to share, please contact me!

Elizabeth Draper


Web sites - Montastruc web site in English and French - information about Patrick White and the influence of Roy de Maistre on his life - additional information on the de Mestre family