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Get Together

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Welcome to Get Together


We are an organisation officially registered under French law since 1989, which explains why our constitution is in French.  Translated, the most important bit says that our aim is to "welcome, promote self help among, and arrange meetings and events for, principally, those having English as their mother tongue".  Our membership has expanded considerably with the growth of the British house owners in the last few years, and now stands at about 200 families.  We also have Dutch, German and French members.  


Over the course of the year we run approximately 80 events, in an area from Bressuire to Mansle (Charente) and from eastern Vende to western Vienne.  Of these, the most frequent are the walks, the Monday Book Clubs, and the Craft Group.  We also have meals, an auction, a pub quiz, a picnic, a summer party and a barbecue, amongst others.  Individual members organize the events - about forty do so each year - with the ability to call on help and advice from the committee and other members.  Every event is open to every member, though it may be necessary to restrict numbers from time to time, on a "first come, first served" basis.  Details of events are published in the monthly Newsletter, which may also contain information of a more or less useful nature.


Walks:  Our walks are of about two hours in duration, covering about 8kms, and take place twice monthly, spread around the department.  The terrain covered is not usually too arduous and the Newsletter will advise you of what to expect.  Lunch is usually arranged in an inexpensive restaurant.  You do not need to book just for the walk, but there is normally a closing date for booking lunch.


Monday Book Club:  Not really a club, more social gatherings, which takes place twice a month in members' houses.  This is a good opportunity to get to know people and to seek help and guidance for any problems, and a small library of English books is available.  Volunteers to host these events are always welcome.  All you need is a space for about twenty people, mostly standing, and a willingness to provide tea and coffee.  GT has a collection of mugs, a large teapot and an electric boiler which can be borrowed for events.


Craft Group:  This is a monthly event.  Members (mostly ladies, but there is no rule) bring along their various craft projects, and profit from advice of other members, or just do their own things as they wish.


We are always seeking volunteers to organise, or to assist at, our various events.  We have an advice sheet for those willing to have a go.  Any ideas for events will be gladly received, and making a suggestion does not commit you to organising.


Rules.  The only rule that you need to follow carefully is to attend as many, or as few, events as you wish, and to enjoy yourself in Get Together.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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GT Committee


President  Bob Seager 

Vice-President Carol Andrews

Secretary  Elizabeth Draper 

Treasurer  Beverley Sullivan 

Newsletter Editor  Brian Thomas 


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